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På NORSK...(For Norwegian mountain-lovers mailnly...)

Today I have to adress NORWEGIAN mountain lovers. Pleas bear over with me...

Da er det snart påske. Fortsatt god plass på motellet. Mange tror ikke fjellet kan brukes til noe annet enn ski, ski og ski i påska.
Vi har andre forslag: Moskussafari, eller fotturer i Dovrefjell!
Hos oss kan du få guidet tur (Spør om hva en overnatting eller fler, med moskussafari inkludert koster hos oss på Dombås Motell. Ring 45671995).
Vi er ikke mer "knipne" enn at vi gir deg gode råd om du vil gå alene også! Ring oss på 45671995 for Midtnorges kanskje rimeligste påskeferie da! Eller for et tilbud på moskussafari! Alle rommene våre leveres med sengetøy og håndduker, og du har dusj/wc og et lite kjøkken på rommet. Egen inngang med en liten terasse.Gangavstand til sentrum.

(Foto begge bilder: Vår nye resepsjonsansvarlige Stig-Are Karlsen Olsen)

Alle våre rom leveres med sengetøy/håndduker. Dusj/wc og et lite kjøkken på rommet. Egen inngang med en liten terasse

Updated - and eastern (soon)!

When you visit us you will find an olf fashioned motel  on purpose! Furniture from the 70's, deck of cards in every room. You are supposed to leave the busy, stressed world for a while. Take care of each other. Do other things than you usually do.

Talk to each other, make a nice meal (kitchen in the room), take a walk on the paths around the Motel. You never know; suddenly you will meet a fox or even spot a moose from distance!

And we hav e small, but cozy souvenir-shop.
Some of the items there are only to be found in our motel. Made for our guests only!

Our Motelmanager, Stig-Are will show you!

(Photo: Stig-Are 2017)

Winter is over!

Last part of King Winter's struggle to stay "in control" is apparently over. The picture of our motel was taken just a few days ago. And the snow has already vanished!

Time to start dreaming about sun, flowers, warm days, evenings sitting at a lake, or at the shore with a fishing rod... 

And long hikes into the National Park. Feeling the silence, peace and the fact that you are REALLY alone...

Do I see you this summer? Hope so..

(Photo: Rick Lennart Klausen) 

Outside my Motel; outside in Norwegian mountains!

Some people blieve polar bears walk around in the streets in Norway. They don't! There are no polar bears on Norwegian continent at all!

But an island part of Norway, far away from the continent is called Svalbard. Look it up and you see how far away from the rest of Norway that special part is.

But they have polar bear. The rest of us have rather ordinar environments, flora and fauna. Even 650 meters above sea level where I live.

But it IS peacefull and quiet, we hardly have people here and we really have lots of space and landscape.

The picture is from my motel. A little mountain accommodation place in Dombås, a village with 1200 people. No tall buldings, just ordinary houses where people live.
Just shortly ago a rough legged buzzard passed my roof, we have brown bears here, fox, deer and a lot of moose. And muskox!
Join us; book a room with safaris (moose and muskox). But be prepared to accept a life like we had in the 70's. No TV, no internet, self made food... Sitting outside the room in peace and quiet in the evening sun, take a walk in the forrest or in the mountains...Something for you?

Sturnus vulgaris

It is definitely autumn! Big swarms of birds, gathering.

There are five ways of surviving Norwegian Winter:
- Leave the country (like theese birds are going to do
- Find a restaurant (open water etc.)
- Hibernating. Only the bat and the hedgehog are real hibernators in Norway. A hedgehog has a heartfrequency of 10-12, breathes every second minute, has a body temperature around 7-8 degrees, and is impossible to wake up!
- Resting. Like the bear, the badger and the muskox. The bear and the badger sleep a lot, but ORDINARY sleep!
(Photo: Terje Rian -15)

- Then you have the moose... business as normal! Stealing everything the farmer hasn't harvested, eating the flowers on the church yard etc.

The most correct thing to say about Norway in the winter is that it is a desert. No water! Nothing can survive here without very special abilities for life in dry (and cold) areas.

Now I'm going make myself a nice cup of coacoa and sit in front of the fireplace...

Siste innlegg

Long time no see. ..
Big...but small
Summer! Summer! Summer!
Snow on our playground...
Big...but small...


Dombås Motell


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