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februar 2019

Long time no see. ..

Sorry folks; I guess I have been hibernating... Like a lot of other interesting animals. Bats, hedgehog, me....

(Photo: Terje Rian Feb. 2019)

Well; I'm back again! And I will try to be a little stable from now on. Write to you about experiences in Dovrefjel, "The roof of Scandinavia".

I met the nice guy on the picture a few days ago. On a mild, bright day, with a "touch" of spring.

I really long for spring , and later on summer now... with safaris every day, visiting my big half-a-ton friends...

Wanna join me this summer?

Big...but small

50 kilo? 100 kilo? Hard to tell. Theese two younger animals may be big in weight, but they are both children. Standing on stony ground in Dovrefjell. Winter. Kold. Short days. Very little; hardly anything to eat...
But most of them will survive. Visit us here in Norway, when the temperatures fall below 20 degrees Celcius. When days have only a few hours with light. When everything is covered with snow and ice. Visit the stubborn life that survives this cold, brutal but beautifull reallity...
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