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mars 2017

Updated - and eastern (soon)!

When you visit us you will find an olf fashioned motel  on purpose! Furniture from the 70's, deck of cards in every room. You are supposed to leave the busy, stressed world for a while. Take care of each other. Do other things than you usually do.

Talk to each other, make a nice meal (kitchen in the room), take a walk on the paths around the Motel. You never know; suddenly you will meet a fox or even spot a moose from distance!

And we hav e small, but cozy souvenir-shop.
Some of the items there are only to be found in our motel. Made for our guests only!

Our Motelmanager, Stig-Are will show you!

(Photo: Stig-Are 2017)

The wonder of life...

A little fellow - or girl (you don't see that from distance untill they are a little oder) finally finding something to put in the empty stomach! Not much, but nice I should think. Not having had much to eat in months!

Mostly "eating from their own body", from fat they had from last summer, some of the muskoxen now have lost up to 40% of their body weight! That's rough!

And under theese conditions the calves are born, From around June to May. Life is really a wonder, isn't it?

(Photo: Terje Rian)

Meals INSIDE and OUTSIDE my kitchen...

I love living 700 meters away from sivilization, surrounded by nature and fourlegged neighbours, and neighbours with wings!

(Photo: Terje Rian)

I have mainly my meals INSIDE my kitchen, my 
friends prefer to eat OUTSIDE my kitchen window. Nice company, nobody says anything, no burping, no polite formalities, just eating.

I live together with an alaskan husky, and when we are outside together he always senses things.
I can see how he reacts; his ears turning in all directions, his nose vibrating... Obvously lots of invisible activity.

The only thing I hear for sure is a woodpecker, some other birds and - the silence... 

The warmer the better...

Still hungry. Still in 
 winterherds. Muskoxen on snowfree spots in the National Park.

But I really feel the spring in my bones now. Then I mean in my bones; in particular the ones I'm walking around on! Have you ever tried walking around for hours in 20-25 degrees below zero? Guess not. In my age you get REALLY cold then, whatever you put on. Your fingers, and your don't feel them!
(Photo: Terje Rian )

I long for WARMTH now! Sun, mild wind,
no snow! Or for a guy like me "no snow" is something I can't guarantee. A couple of years ago I had a safari mid July - and it was snowing!

Not directly something you experience very often at that time of the year, but nothing you write about in the Newspaper. 
But things will be different. Also here. I live 650 meters above see Level, work up to 
15-1600 meters. But even her it will (most of the time) be SUMMER in just some weeks!

Amazing SPRING!

King Winter is slowly loosening his grip - for now. And the little lady in the picture manages to find something to eat; dry grass, dry leaves, something! But still not enough for her to feel comfy.

But things change fast now, like a slow explotion. Booooooom! A lifegiving spring, with birds, plants, warmth, and sun. 
The  unevitable result is SUMMER! The moose, deer, other hungry animals forget to be careful, and please me with having a party outside my kitchen window, eating grass from last summer. Dry, but a lot of it!

I love this time of the year!

(Foto: Terje Rian)

(Photo: Terje Rian)
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