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oktober 2016

Peace, quiet, magic!

Why do silent, dusk forrests make me feel a little sacral? They really do...

Big, majestic, mysterious and OLD trees. Fur trees in the region where I live.

Hardly anything will grow in a forrest like this. It is to dark. So walking between the stems is like walking on a carpet floor. Just soft moss and small plants.

The forrests are often the rescue for animals. less wind, less snow and higher temperatures. If you are looking for tracks etc after animals, look excactly between forrest and open fields.
(Photo: Terje Rian)

Animals feel safe between naturtypes. They can control the open area, and hide into the forrest if they have to.

Adorable babies

Just look, and feel! A musician I knew once wrote in a song;
 "A mother is a mother, no matter if she has her back covered with hair!" (translated from Norwegian).

This hairy mother is most definitely a great mother. Responsible, caring, loving... And the little one deserves it. Like all children.

Little? Oh yes! Maybe the weight is between 50 and 70 kg, but he is born in May or June! He is4-5 months! A baby!

And little ones need, and get protection and care.

(Photo: Terje Rian)

And in the muskox world I should say it is important to have a great mother. Especially now, just before the winter.

Everybody TALK about the weather - but nobody does anything about it!

Norway is the land of contrasts - obviously! The last weeks we have had cold days, ordinary days, rainy days, foggy days etc, etc...

And every weathertype has it's charm. Even though some weather can be rather annoying and unpleasant.

"Today it is a great weather if you are going to spend the day inside today!" my mother always said when it was raining. Wise words. On the other hand; being outside, hiking, fishing or what ever you are doing outside...
(Photo: Terje Rian)

When you are home again, cold, wet, tired, miserable.... Then a horrible weather type serves another purpose. Putting on the kettle, changing from wet to dry clothes in your warm and cozy home, it makes you appreciate the contrasts in life...

Did I win?

(Photo: Terje Rian)

The breeding season is over, the ritual fights too. Everything is peace and quiet.
King Winter is knocking on the door. Weeks, months with hardly anything to eat.

For animals this size that should be impossible. But they have used the summer well. Eating. Putting on weight. At the end of the summer they have a "food reserve" on their own body. Fat under the skin that may help them to survive the winter.

After some months with winter conditions, saving energy, surviving by "eating" from their own fat, and maybe finding some dry grass the snow hasn't covered...  When April again surrounds us with snow melting, with a continuous crescendo in awakening of life in nature, the muskoxen have lost up to 40 % of their body weight! That's rough!

A hard life. Please don't loose confidence in "Moskus-Terje" ("Muskox-Terje"), but this mountain guide preferes cold winter days inside, near the fireplace, under a blanket, and with a nnce cup of cocoa and a good book!

Time to rest...

It has been an amazing summer! For me, for our guests, for the National Park - and for the Park's inhabitants.

On the other hand; when you look at this big, calm fellow, it doesn't seem to have bothered him too much. He may have had a GOOD summer, with lots of grass, leaves and mushrooms to fill his stomach(s) with?

But not everything has been harmonic and nice. Some visitors obviously forgot what their mother thought them when they were kids;

(Photo: Terje Rian)

namely to behave when you are visiting someone! And yes; going on a muskoxsafari is not LOOKING at muskox, it is VISITING those fantastic animals. They (and other live creatures) live there. WE are the visitors - and should behave according to that. We should be polite, humble and respectfull.

This summer we had the first situation ever where tourists really got in deep trouble with the law, with the park rangers and the police. For getting too close to the muskoxen and not following the laws in the National Park.
Consequences? Inded! 5000 NOK fined, and no admittance to the National Park and the wild life wthout a certified guide to tell those adults how to behave!

As I said; the first time, Hopefully the last episode of this kind!
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