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mai 2016


I'm happy today! Filled with impressions from a mountain cheering with SPRING and joy!

I shouldn't say this, but my antropomorfic brain experienced happy plants, happy birds, happy animals - happy muskoxen today!

But why take this joy away from me? Or others with the same mood, walking in the National Park in May. Smiling!
No harm done! Feeling happiness is nice, kind, positive! I think you become a better person after some walking in untouched nature. Try to learn from the animals, experience what is really important in life!
(Photo: Terje Rian)

Computers? Your TV? Your car? You should try it. Walking in the nature I mean. But with your senses wide open, and leave your watch at home. Take the day off. Pretend time doesn't exist....

Just not to believe!

There are more than 400 higher plants in Dovrefjell.  But walking around there you -on some places- get the feeling you are on the moon! Stony, flat, no vegetation... Moon landscape!

But as I said; more than 400 higher plants! One of them is the anemone on the picture, Pulsatilla vernalis. It has fur like an animal, and is at its best now, in May/June.

If you park your car somwhere between the two villages Oppdal and Dombås, and wander into the park, you do not need to walk far untill you find it. Pinkish, surprisingly big and easy to see.
(Photo: Terje Rian)

But as I said; the landscape is often stones, stones and more stones...

I had a safari with an 81 year old impressive lady from Denmark some day ago. She has visited me a lot of times, mainly for the muskoxen. But we found lots and lots of this flower; the Pulsatilla! She told me she had always wanted to see them, but always been in Dovrefjell at the wrong time. Finally she succeeded!

She was very happy - and so was I...


I relly love muskoxen. Those who know me are aware of that.

But what about other animals Terje? Nature - Dovefjell-Sunndalsfjella National park also- are full of them. Running, crawling, swimming, flying. Big and small.

Yes I DO love all animals.And in addition to muskoxsafaris I arrange safaris to visit the King of the Forrest. Or queen... Or THE MOOSE!

Today, on Fokstumyra nature Reservation I saw three moose! Nice! Then the moose safaris can start! On  request to start with.

From the 1st of June every evening at 19.30, starting outside Dombås Church (easy tofind)! Pop up and join me to visit a funny, goofy, friendly and BIG Norwegian moose! Se info and prices othr places in my homesite!
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