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april 2016

I am going to be a FATHER!

It is the 30th of April. Tomorrow is the first of May.  For some people, workers in particular, a special
day. All over the world actually.

It is also the month when life really explodes in nature! New life being born, plantlife slowly covering the ground.

The guy on the picture is going to be a father, but I don't think he knows. He may even be the father of several children, from several wives. That is how it is when you have a harem.

But giving birth to children is just for women in the muskox world. Papa is not supposed to participate in this wonder. Like in the human world in the 50's!

                                                                          (Photo: Terje Rian)

I have once visited more than twenty female animals and calves at this time of the year. Males not present. Believe me; if you see newborn calves, young muskox mothers, you keep distance. You behave, and you show them respect.
The authorities say 200 meters distance, but I prefer much longer distance to muskox herds with only female animals and newborn calves.

I have been together with muskoxen for more than 35 years, I long ago found out that theese animals deserve respect. And now in May and June more than ever!
To all you who visit the National Park now; use your heart, use your reason! Let mothers and newborn children in nature live their days in peace. Don't disturb them, ok?

Care for the nature!

A Norwegian poem:

Du ska itte trø i graset,
spede spira lyt få stå!
Mållaust liv har og e meining du lys sjå og tenkje på!
På Guds jord og i hass hage e du sjøl eit lite strå!

Du ska itte røre reiret,                                           
Reiret er e lita seng                                               
Over tynne bån brer erla ut sin vare, varme veng!
Pipet i den minste strupe ska bli kvitring over eng!

(Photo: Terje Rian)

Du ska itte sette snurru
når du sir et hara-spor!
Du ska sjå deg for og akte alt som flyg og spring og gror!
Du e sjøl en liten vek en, du treng sjøl en storebror!

(Einar Skjæraasen)

This poem may be very old, but the message is maybe even more up to date than nature protection articles recently published. The meaning is simple and basic, nearly childish in it’s wisdom.
You shouldn’t walk carelessly in the grass; there are small, live plants there that you should respect and leave in peace. Creatures that cannot speak also have a meaning, and you should really think about that!
You shouldn’t touch a birds nest! A nest is a small bed. Where a mother takes care of small children. Children that one day will sing beautifully over the fields!
You shouldn’t put out a trap when you see tracks of a hare! You should respect everything that flies, runs and grows!
You yourself is a small one, even you could need a big brother now and then!

Come and join me on a VISIT in the National Park.
And what is special with a VISITOR? That’s right! He or she behaves, is polite and has a humble and respecfilled attitude towards the ones he visits. Like your mother told you to!

Outside my Motel; outside in Norwegian mountains!

Some people blieve polar bears walk around in the streets in Norway. They don't! There are no polar bears on Norwegian continent at all!

But an island part of Norway, far away from the continent is called Svalbard. Look it up and you see how far away from the rest of Norway that special part is.

But they have polar bear. The rest of us have rather ordinar environments, flora and fauna. Even 650 meters above sea level where I live.

But it IS peacefull and quiet, we hardly have people here and we really have lots of space and landscape.

The picture is from my motel. A little mountain accommodation place in Dombås, a village with 1200 people. No tall buldings, just ordinary houses where people live.
Just shortly ago a rough legged buzzard passed my roof, we have brown bears here, fox, deer and a lot of moose. And muskox!
Join us; book a room with safaris (moose and muskox). But be prepared to accept a life like we had in the 70's. No TV, no internet, self made food... Sitting outside the room in peace and quiet in the evening sun, take a walk in the forrest or in the mountains...Something for you?

Where is the food??

Norway is a funny country. With contrasts which you can't imagine!

In Trondheim now, a costal town, it is nearly summer. Flowers in gardens and wild in nature, the leaves are comming on the trees and bushes, people in t-shirts...

Where I am now, in Dovrefjell, around 650 meters above sea level, there is definitely NOT summer, and I'm only about three hours drive away from Trondheim. It is cold, no leaves on trees, still no flowers. Or do I see a small, green tendency in the birch forrest?

(Photo: Terje Rian)

The muskoxen are hungry now. Yesterday I spotted them only three hundred meters away from Europe Road 6 (E6). Trying to find some dry grass on the fields around all the ancient mountain farms you find up here. Hungry, frustrated but alive!
And in few days the muskox calves are to be seen, New life, hope, summer...

Yes Mummy, I'm ok!

One year old, and one winter wiser, or more experienced. This little fellow was born in May or June last year. Born to survive under rough. mountain conditiones.

But he has done well. Helped and prortected by his or her mother and the rest of the "tribe". It is April, it gives me peace in mind, happiness and satisfaction to see those "tiny" 50-100 kg babies, running around, safe, happy, ALIVE!

In a few weeks new life will be born in the muskox population. And within other populations as well.
The wonder in nature! The fantastic, mystic, overwhelming happy wonder! Genesis! Birth of all kind of creatures, new plants, an explotion you for at least once in your life time, should try to experience. From distance. With all the respect this wonder needs and deserves!
(Photo: Terje Rian)

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