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mars 2016

Well dressed...

This is a male sheep. Or nearly a sheep.
The muskox isn't really an ox, they just look like oxen - or cows. This hairy animal is more related to sheep than big cattle. Even if the largest muskox ever mesured was 580 kg! THAT's a big sheep!

But believe me; not much gives you "cow-feelingc when you are close to muskoxen. They have wool, sheepy horns, footprints like a sheep, and when you see a 4-500 kg muskox running straight up a hill you will never think it is a cow again!
They can actually run 60 km per hour!
Our alaskan husky runs around 40! Impressive, don't you think?
And the even say "bæææææ!" like a sheep when they are small.
(Photo: Terje Rian)

Adults roar like tigers! But not very often...

It is soon spring now. Even here, 1000-1500 meter above sea level. So start planning folks! I guess you will join me this summer?
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