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oktober 2015

Yes, my deer...

Sorry my headline! I just love stupid jokes and language gags!
This is also one of my neighbours. A beautiful, elegant deer! Grassing peacefully on the Fields outside my home, "where never is heard a discouraging Word",

The picture is taken a while ago. But still the grass is green enough for this nervous creature to be valuable Food.

Today I saw two moose in the Mountains, Same animal group as the deer. They were walking around, trying to find something to eat around 1000-1100 meters above sea Level! Hopeless!

(Photo: Terje Rian -15)

But they won't stay for long. There were snow on the peaks. Cold. Nothing to eat for animal vegetarians. They will definitely leave and find better places to stay for the winter!

Time to prepare...

This little fellow is young, just 4-5 months old. Born in May-june this year!

He has a hard period to face the next half year. No water is open, hardly any eatable food for muskoxen. short days, dark and long nights...

But he is never alone. Mummy, maybe even Daddy and 10-20 other musky familymembers and friends will protect him. And even if his hair is shorter than it will be when he is fully grown, it will keep him warm.

Norwegian nature prepares. In nearly mysterious ways.

(Photo: Terje Rian -15)

Just think about the hedgehog, hibernating! He has a body temperature just 7-8 degrees celcius in his heart. He breathes every second minute, his heart frequency is 12-14 beats a minute, and you can't wake him up! An unbelievable adjusment to Norwegian winter!

Take care ittle fellow!

I found this one year old moose boy some days ago. Still walking around in Fokstumyra Nature Reservation. But not for long!
The possibilities for finding Food are reduced. The leaves on trees and bushes are nearly gone. Yellow compost material on the ground.

So. little fellow; rush down to the forrests ok? Do like other moose! Steel from us, the farmers, whatever! But see to that you start your second year after the winter sound and healthy!
(Photo: Terje Rian -15)

Life is hard...

Summer is over. Everyone without "tecnological help" have done all they can to prepare for months with dessert conditions in Norway!
Sad, but the fellow on the picture has hurt, maybe broken a leg. Walking around with half a ton body weight on a broken leg.. Not good!
The ranger told me they have followed him for some weeks now. They may have to put him to sleep. Permanently.
Facing a Norwegian winter without beeing in top shape is rough. Wind, snow, cold days and nights and most of all; no water! Norway is like a cold dessert in the winter. Water everywhere is frozen. Steel ice.
(Photo: Terje Rian -15)
Mother nature seems brutal. For us. But sometimes human values MAY be the best. So when the alternative is to let this felllow suffer a painfull death when Winter comes...well...

Ola - so pleased to meet you!

When I open my "Weekly Guardian" I read about sad things. Narcotics and violence among younger people, elderly citizens staying inside their homes, fearing life outside on the streets.

But real life CAN also be quite refreshing! Like today. Meeting this eleven year old boy and his family, taking them on a muskox safari in the National Park... That is refreshing! A positive attitude, a heartwarming interest in everything which grows, runs or flies in the mountains.

Thank you Ola, for enriching my day!

(Photo: Terje Rian -15)

For making it a little lighter to open my "Weekly Guardian", well aware that there are still young people with healthy and sound attitudes in this country!

But I gave my young friend a challenge when we came back to civilization; join me on a new safari in 15 years! After troublesome years as a teenager. And then come back with the same attitudes and the same positive wy of meeting Mother Nature. I think this young boy will do so!

Thank you for joining me Ola! To rewrite Clint Eastwood; you made my day!
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