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september 2015

Sturnus vulgaris

It is definitely autumn! Big swarms of birds, gathering.

There are five ways of surviving Norwegian Winter:
- Leave the country (like theese birds are going to do
- Find a restaurant (open water etc.)
- Hibernating. Only the bat and the hedgehog are real hibernators in Norway. A hedgehog has a heartfrequency of 10-12, breathes every second minute, has a body temperature around 7-8 degrees, and is impossible to wake up!
- Resting. Like the bear, the badger and the muskox. The bear and the badger sleep a lot, but ORDINARY sleep!
(Photo: Terje Rian -15)

- Then you have the moose... business as normal! Stealing everything the farmer hasn't harvested, eating the flowers on the church yard etc.

The most correct thing to say about Norway in the winter is that it is a desert. No water! Nothing can survive here without very special abilities for life in dry (and cold) areas.

Now I'm going make myself a nice cup of coacoa and sit in front of the fireplace...

What can we learn from nature?

A few years ago - hmmm - that came out a little funny, thinking about hat I am going to write to you today! But anyway; a few years ago I watched a TV programme about a tribe on a Pacific Ocean island. The programme was made because nobody in the tribe had died in the big sunnami. They simply knew it was comming!

During the Production they found another strange speciality in this tribe; they didn't have ONE word for expressing time! No "yesterday" or "in a while" etc. Theese people plain and simply did not have the dimension we call TIME!

If Granny came visiting after 20 years, nobody said anything about her being gone o long. She was there. Yeey! Everyone was happy!

(Photo: Terje Rian -15)

This is also how the muskox world work. If you visit a muskox family, don't look at your watch. Don't even think about how late it is, how much you should have done when you get home, how late it is etc. Just forget all stress! Learn from the muskoxen! They have used 30-100 000 years developing reason and rationality. Inspiring, don't you think?


If lots of people were standing on your lawn...every day...for two months! Staring at you! Taking pictures! I guess you would have left your garden for a while. Hoping for decent visitors who had respect enough to stay outside the fence. And behaving!

The tourist season is slowing down. But still the muskoxen are far into the mountains. Trying to protect their privacy!

I must admit; I hope they soon will return. We are friends, and they know I will keep distance. That I will act respectfull. Like my mother taught me to do...YEARS ago!

(Photo: Terje Rian 2015. For the record; I have 120 times zoom on my Cannon camera!)

Young, but....

There was snow on the highest peaks in the National Park a few days ago...

A little early. so I don't think this is the end of the automn.
But it makes you think... The little guy or girl on the picture is only two-three months old! Is he or she prepared for snow,wind, no food, short days and a lot of cold degrees sneeking under the big, hairy winterdress?

They have nice and warm clothes, but really... I'm SO happy I have my fireplace, my coacoa, inside my home, warm and cozy.

But my big friends WILL survive. Like their ancestors have done for maybe as long as 30-100 000 years!

And then,  in about six-seven months...

(Photo:; Terje Rian -15)

It ain't over until it's over!

It is start September. Silent...hardly any guests in the mountains, a ballanced ecosystem, peace and quiet.

The coo coo bird is easy to hear. In the spring. I know I was lucky when I managed to take a close picture of him.

Look at the stripes on his chest. Looks a little like a hawk, don't you think?

But now this funny ittle fellow is silent. For this year. He has laid his eggs, in other birds nests as you probably know. A proud and exhausted little bird of a kind has raised his children, happily unaware of that she has fed someone elses offspring!

Well-well, the coo-coo bird population survives. In human eyes in a digusting way. But it works. Next spring he will lighten up the National Park with his "coo-coo" again...
(Photo: Terje Rian -15)
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