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august 2015

Reindeer hunting

The reindeer hunt has started. But the animals I found today ran around safely and seemed happy. As always they were far into the National Park, and not interested in letting me take a picture or two a little closer.
I did like I always do when I see larger groups of reindeer; I count their legs and devide into four so I know how many they are. I think it is the easiest way of counting reindeer...
Just some hundred meters away from the reindeer herd a muskox family was living their life. In peace and quiet and harmony. Two calves, mammy, mammy, mammy and daddy (you know the muskox dominant mail has a harem?).
(Photo: Terje Rian-august 15)
Follow me here through the winter. I know I have let you down during the summer. But believe me, I really had too much to do - and too many kilometers to walk!
(Photo: Terje Rian-august 15)

Summer... August, but late summer...

It is summer! Finally!

Warm, sunny,nice - for people! Not for the muskoxen!
With their "clothes" they prefer colder days. MUCH colder days! They can Infact overheat if they are not careful.They do not sweat, so they should be careful stressing too much!
Snowfields, water, swampy areas...once I counted around fifty muskoxen on distant snowfields on a warm day!

The animals on the picture were keeping me and 32 guests company today - in the river. Nice and cool!

See the calves? One a little older than the other. Some weeks... Born this spring, in May or June!
Running around, just two-three months old!
I ensure you; I didn't!

(Photo: Terje Rian August -15)
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