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mai 2015

Muskox wool...

Did you know that the muskox probably has the best wool in the world when it comes to quality? It is said to be 8 times as warm as wool from ordinary sheep. And it is extreemely light!
Even the astronauts used muskox wool in their undergarment earlier!
Covering this "underwear" they have a kind of coat, with the longest hair nature produces! Up to 70 cm's long!
(photo: Terje Rian -13)
In the spring we find a lot of muskox wool hanging on bushes and trees in the National Park. I wonder from time to time if they tear it off deliberately! They don't sweat, and even if it is often Cold in the winter, it can easily be 20-25 degrees warmth in the summer , and with a wool like that...
The first of you joining me in the Mountains visiting the muskoxen may find a free souvenir; muskox wool!
(Photo: Terje Rian, May 2015. Still some snow in the mountains!)
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