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april 2015

Looking into the...summer!

The correct direction for looking; SOUTH! Where the sun is!

Still days with frustrated attempts by King Winter to spread his white, cold carpet on Dovrefjell. A little irritating, but no big deal. The worst problem at this time of the year is "rotten" snow! You walk on places where you could walk quite "safe" on the surface just days ago. Suddenly you sink in it up to your hips!

But the winter loosens it's grip, more and more! In costal parts of Norway the leaves already colour the trees.

(Photo: Terje Rian -15)

Here, at 1100 meters above sea level, it looks like another time of the year! But in two months, in July, it is time for t-shirts and shorts even here!
I heard a new expression for changing weather conditions all the time, changing from hour to hour: "Vivaldi-weather"! Listen to Vivaldis "The four seasons" and you will understand what days are like in Norway in April!

Lynx? I really think so...

The track to the right is mine, but the others..?.

Having the privilege of meeting a lynx doesn't really happen very often, so finding theese footprints yesterday felt great! The big wild cat is one of the animals we are honoured to have in our national park. And they have a job to do, a job that has formed their life to be the hidden kind. Yes, they are killers. But not evil. We need plants to produce, vegetarians to eat the plants, predators to regulate the vegetarians, and decomposers to take care of dead organic material - so we get soil for new plants to grow in.
(Photo: Terje Rian -15)

An eternal ecological "circle" where everything transforms. Into new life!
And believe me; every part of this process is as importent as other parts! So don't we try to change nature, according to our ground, pathetic ideas of what is right and what is wrong! During our short history on Earth we have done that too many times. Always with a disastrous result.
When will we ever learn?
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