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mars 2015

Snow...but no problem!

This is a situation report from the National park today! This young gentleman and two other friends had some nice hours just a few hundred meters from Europe road 6 (E6).

As you can see on the picture below two of them gave us a show. A little fight! They do like human teenagers. "I'm the toughest!".

As a I wrote earlier in my blog, the last days snowfall is King Winters desperate attempt to stay for a little while longer. He won't succeed!

(Photo: Terje Rian 28th of March -15)

In just a few days Eastern is here. And sunny days in the mountains. The last day on skis!
Then (hopefully) t-shirts, shorts, summer!

(Photo: Terje Rian 28th of March -15)

Ups! I did it again!

Not Britney Spears, not me, but King Winter! For some days - or even weeks - he promised spring, warmth, sun, no snow... But he tricked us again!

As earlier mentioned; Norway is the land of contrasts. Let me add; the land of unpredictability! Believe me or not; I HAVE had safaris in July - with snow! Not the usual weather during the sommer, but no sensation!

Next day maybe sun, 25 degrees, t-shirt...

(Photo: Terje Rian -15)

I like it this way. Makes me feel alive in a way! But today I feel a little too much alive if you know what I mean! I'm freezing! I kind of started liking the sleepy, warm March-days we seem to have lost for a while. But I guess King Winter has this right. Or to quote Britney Spears again; his "Prerogative!"!

...not everyone survive!

But really; if you imagine how it is in the mountains a day in January; snow, cold, wind, darkness... I'm continuously impressed! How can a live creature survive here?

But most muskoxen do. If they die it is from other reasons. Train accidents, falling down from a cliff, age...

The manager of the great magazine "Friluftsliv" took this picture. You don't often find bones from dead muskoxen. Most dead animals are taken care of by the rangers, the few which are not found "resirculate". And as mentioned; not too many die during the winter. Usually...
(Photo:Bjørn Andreas Esaissen)

Forrest secrets...

I live around 650 meters above sea level. I have forrests around my home. It is a historical and cultural place also. Lots of traces and things that indicates an early culture with Norwegians here. Like this very old wooden fence. Nearly decomposed, but still standing!

Makes me wonder... Who built it? How long ago? And why?This fence is definitely more than a hundred years old.

I like it here. Very little human activity today. Some farms, some funny guys like me... But there are old houses, suspicious holes in the ground, fences like this one, and even tools, agriculltural tools.

My colleague loves taking pictures of theese things. I understand him; they are beautiful - and mysterious!

This picture was taken only a few days ago. Just to (once more) tell you it is spring here now. I love it!

(Photo: Rick Lennart Klausen - 15)

Respect please!

We are still here. And quite easy to visit - for a while...

Please! If you want to visit us; KEEP DISTANCE! It is ok if you sit down, stay quiet and keep us company - on 200 meter distance! We are not afraid, we just want a little privacy! If you come too close, we simply walk away. It even happens we try to scare you away. But usually not...

Look at the picture below! Those people are around 70-80 meters away! Terje tried to tell them, but they said they were together with a local guide! Really?? One of us? You see; we usually trust the muskoox guides!
(Photo: Terje Rian)

Terje said he didn't see any guide the half hour he was there with HIS guests - on 200 meters distance!

Haven't you always learned from your parents, in kindergarten, in school, from your aunties, from your grandmother to BEHAVE when you visit someone??

You are very welcome to learn from us by paying us a visit, but follow our house rules! Be quiet, keep distance, be humble...

(photo: Terje Rian)
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