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januar 2015

Happy New Year...with a little grief in my heart!

Christmas days are definitely over. Sorry being a little silent for some days, but you know; Christmas, New Years Eve etc...

Besides we lost a beautiful hotel in a fire, a quite big accommodation place with 220 beds just before Christmas. This has off course caused a lot of stress in the accommodation business in Dombås. We really feel sad about this, and whish them everything good in our hearts!

The pic is taken southly from my doorstep!

(Photo: Terje Rian -15)

Dombås Motel 2015

Dombås in January, and a picture of my modest and basic motel...

It is the second day of 2015, and already I can feel the winter relaxing a little. Not in intensity. A lot of our mountainous roads were closed today because of wind and snow.

But the mood has kind of changed. I know the days are longer. From where I sit in the motel office I have a clear view to the alpine slopes, and I can see people having fun up there. I have also had my first cross-country ski-tourist this winter.
(Photo; Terje Rian -14)

Everything around me feels just so...normal!

Happy New Year to all of you!
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