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desember 2014

An amazingly beautiful animal...

One of the most common remarks I pick up from my guests spontanious conversation when we meet the muskoxen, is "It is so beautiful!". And I agree. Theese 4-500 kg heavy animals have a race, an elegancy and a beauty that is stunning!

You get a peculiar feeling when meeting them. I've been dealing with them for 34 years now, but they still impress me. And afterall; they have been on the earth since they lived their life side by side with mammuts! The last species of the big, hairy elephants died out thousands of years ago. The muskoxen are still here! They must definitely be one of the oldest mammals in the world!

The daylength increase by the weeks now.  Time for a winter holiday in Norway? Think you should. If not in 2015, concider another year?

(Photo: Terje Rian -14)

And just for the record; the pic is taken from correct distance. Zoom lenses and computer technology...

The silent week...

Dombås Church the 27th of December (night off course). Everyting is silent here; Dovrefjell is silent, Dombås is silent, I guess much of the world SILENT!

We call it the silent week here in Norway. It is kind of nice; nothing depressing or frustrating going on, just nice company, nice food (turkey, fish, vegetables...).

I have been a little "laid-back" for two-three days now. Promise to come back the following days! News from the mountains, about muskoxen, other animals,
(Photo: Terje Rian, 27th of December 2014)

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you from ...all of us..?. (Deer, muskoxen, foxes,!)!

So it is Christmas!

Not a very good picture this time I'm afraid. But I took it from my car, driving -and stopping shortly- on Europe road 6 (E6).

Four big muskoxen just a few hundred meters away from lots and lots of people in cars rushing south and north. Busy. Afterall, it's Christmas!

But our big friends don't seem to care for devine activities or holy days. Their only interest is the tiny, dry grass they may find on places in the mountain landscape where the snow has blown off.

(Photo: Terje Rian -14)

Enjoy your Christmas meals, take care of each other, and send a warm thought to mother nature with all her living creatures. They will live, or most of them will. But believe me; it's rough!

One day before Christmas...

Dear readers; today is the 23rd of December. Tomorrow is Christmas eve, the "main day" when it comes to Christmas in Norway - unlike other countries.

I admit it; I have used this picture before! But even though it is taken FROM Europe road 6 (E6), it is a positive and happy picture. The sun just "turned"! Days are getting longer again!

At first one or two minutes, then increasing, untill the sun hardly goes down during the night. When the tourists have problems sleeping.When you can get a tan at twelve o'clock night...
(Photo: Terje Rian -14)

Yes... Just imagine...sun...warmth...light...

"Nobody knows where the hare jumps..."

"Nobody knows where the hare jumps" is an old Norwegian expression (translated). You use it on colourful, creativ and often restless people, someone you try to find,but frustratingly unsuccessful. Because you can't predict where such people have their minds, and in which direction they "jump".

Like the hare! Always apparently confused, anxious, unpredictable. Trying to avoid every possible treath, like the fox, the wolverine, us...

(Photo: Terje Rian -14)

The hare is a typical animal whose only defence is running away! It changes colour in the winter, so now it is white, apart from the black tips of it's ears. Shiny white, and hard to spot on the snow! Like the ptarmigan, the stoat and the least weasel.

Mother nature has her ways...

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