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november 2014

My Kingdom covered with snow!

The pictures I give you today are taken around 11-1200 meters above sea Level. The area is like a desert; no water, since everything is frozen. A snow covered moon-landscape, silent, cold - and unbelievably beautiful!

When it comes to visiting muskox life, this very spot is the right one! When the first snow spreads on the Earth surface, some muskoxen "panic" and start climbing. As if they know they risk getting caught with their hundreds of kilos bodyweight in deep snow. 

During the winter you often find them on the most inhuman, cold, windy and high places in
(Photo: Terje Rian -14)

the National Park. Where the snow has blown of.
Where it is possible for a big "sheep" to walk on stable ground. Where they even may find something to eat...


 (Photo: Terje Rian -14)

Don't worry! I'm here!

"It was one of those days..!." . I guess you have had some of those. I surely have!

If I have a day when everything is wrong, I usually take a walk into an area where I have been before. Many times. Many, MANY times!

When my shoulders start to relax, I find "an old friend", a reliable, old, silent, live tree that has been here since...well, I really don't know.

I guess it has lived through about every minor, Intermediate and bigger event in history. Wars, political crises, catastrophes, small, daily events...everything!

So what do really MY problems mean? Nothing really. Meeting this giant often helps me realize that what I bump into not always need to be THAT terrible. Have you seen the film "George of the jungle"? When things are a little sad George says" I know something good is going to happen!" Then the world seems ok, doesn't it? So stay positive and happy!

And "my friend" is still he always has been. Old, reliable, silent... 

(Photo: Rick Lennart Klausen)

A winter-group with muskoxen

Today I finally had to accept it; the winter has began. I found a group with 17 muskoxen, not far from Europe road 6 (E6). No aggression between the two mail animals, lots of cows, and a very tiny calf.

You never find muskoxen-groups this size in the summer. And I have seen them even more numerous; up to 35-40.

There are always surprisingly few male creatures in a winter-group. Once I found a herd With 26 animals; one male, fifteen females and five calves! 
(Photo: Terje Rian -14)

Why are there so few oxen? Well, beeing thrown oft of your family at the age of three, then challenging everything and everybody isn't always healthy! Attacking the train for instance. Definitely not healthy!


You CAN visit the National Park Kingdom by train. The railroad was creeping slowly into Dovrefjell in the beginning of the 19th century. Some  of the station buildings are fantasticly beautiful. Like Kongsvold (Translated "Kings hill") which was opened the 20th of September 1921.

You find this protected stationhouse close to Kongsvold Fjellstue, a dignified hotel which has been serving travelling people since the twelve hundreds.

The hosts who are the residents of Kongsvold are Ellen and Knut Nyhus.
(Photo: Terje Rian -14)

Their task is to make your stay unforgettable. Believe me; they are good at it! Friends of mine, and just so it is mentioned; most of our safaris starts from Kongsvold. A little chat in one of the cafès in the hotel, then into the mountain to experience the National Park and the muskoxen!

Possibilities for a nice lunch in the hotel restaurant after the tour! Bon appétit!

                        Kongsvold Fjellstue (

Bambi and his family - my neighbours!

I would like to introduce you to my neighbours. Those pictures are taken from my kitchen window - today!

I see them every morning when I wake up. Grassing. Looking for food.

Yes, the winter can be harsh! A Capreolus capreolus (latin name), the smallest animal in the dear family is maximum 26-28 kg at the biggest. The feet are like thin sticks, and not suitable for walking in deep snow. They really need to find a grassy field, like the one just outside my house. Hundreds die every winter.

(Photo: Terje Rian -14)

About 100 years ago, they didn't exist so far north, but our effectiv attempts to exterminate big predators, like bear, lynx and wolf has made it possible to expand, to areas where they don't necessarily fit in. Long winters, too much snow, cold, very little water etc.

Apart from the temperature Norway is similar to a dessert in the winter. Most of the water is frozen, the only plants still growing are plants with lives like cactuses; needle trees like pine, juniperus etc.

But nevertheless; theese beauties are here. Among other places outside my kitchen window. Making my breakfast interesting and fun...
                                                                                                                                (Photo: Terje Rian -14)
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