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oktober 2014

Smart as a fox!

The picture is a little blurry, I only had a few seconds!
But afterall; this is a smart little red fox! That is what a lot of Norwegian folk fairytales tell! The bear is stupid, and is always fooled by Mikkel (you may call him Michael), which is what we call all male red foxes here in this country!
But how smart is he? The one on the picture was obviously "hunting" mice. Apart from smaller mammals, frogs, birds, eggs etc, the fox survives on dead organic materials, dead stuff in nature, eatable things he finds from human activity like in garbage bins etc.
Not directly glamourous, but he is of course useful. He
(Photo: Terje Rian-14)
participates in necessary cleaning in the nature, even if he lowers his reputation in the eyes of SOME of us twolegged!
A satisfying and nice meeting anyway! So go for it Mikkel! Even if some people find you a little anoying!

The first snow....

Did you know that muskoxen HATE snow? Understandable for a 500kg creature!
This young man looks a little frustrated. Where are all the delicious leaves? The food? Just you wait a month or two. You will soon have more to struggle With.
Winter in Norwegian mountains has about already started now. Not too much snow yet, but more to come! From late October to May we just have to accept freezing, cold snowy days...
(Photo: Terje Rian)


Water... The most universal substance in the world! No life works without it. It is vital for everyting that makes life go on. Transportation inside bodies, transportation outside bodies. For reproduction. For the rest of the life functions...
And for beauty and health!
In Norway we are blessed with pure water. And much of it! When I'm at work, or to say it more correctly, when I'm in my Paradise on Earth, I have drinkable water everywhere! Full of minerals. Clear, cold, delcious! I never bring anything to drink when I'm in the mountains. I only bring a cup!
(Photo: Terje Rian)
To get OVER floating rivers and waterfalls you can use a bridge! Some bridges can be pieces of art. In particular the small, hidden once, over small rivers. Often old bridges, made by some unknown worksmen, who cared for quality and beauty in their effort. I guess they never dreamed of THEIR handicraft should please so many peope passing by! And OVER.
That THEIR "monument" are in photoalbums, on pc-folders, framed as pictures on walls...maybe in many countries in the world!
To (once more) rewrite a line of a text made by a famous composer, this time Paul Simon: "Like a bridge over magic water..."!
(Photo: Terje Rian)

The last summer-guest...

If you find a muskox family you can drive home, have a dinner, a nap, visit a friend, watch a movie, read the newspaper, drive back and they will still be about where you left them!
If you see a moose you may have two minutes; then it is gone! Vanished! Probably hiding it's 600 kg, 2 meters and 30 cm body behind a 30 cm high bush!
The "King of the forrest" is magic, and the largest animal on Norwegian continent, but also probably the most nervous.
I managed to take this photo of (maybe) the last summer guest on Fokstumyra Nature Reservation.
(Photo: Terje Rian)
                                                                     Not really good, but ok. I didn't get much help from
the moose to make a Perfect Picture.
Now she is probably somewhere in the deep forrests around our village Domås. The good place for a moose in the winter. Where it is more shelter, a little warmer, farms close bye where they can steal something to eat. or serve themselves with whatever the farmer hasn't harvested, and even a chuchyard with eatable flowers!

With Mammy's help...

Theese two little joyful muskox kids have just experienced their first snow falls. Not really scary, nor troublesome. Still happy. Running around, exploring, learning.                            
                                                                                                                             (Photo: Terje Rian)
Will they suvive the Big White? Off course they will! Probably..?.
Just to be a little scientific, and for the records; muskox children usuallty DO manage to get through the winter. With a little help from Mammy. And the rest of the herd.
Dear Reader; what did YOU do at the age months? I did'nt run around in some or another mountain, definitely not! Nor did you I guess.
But then; I wasn't between 50 and 100 kg and dressed in the most fantastic "clothes" nature has constructed!
Cold weather is  no big deal for theese little rascals. Deep snow will increasingly be. As they grow themselves big and Heavy.                                                                                                                  
Beeing 4-500 kilo in some years, and walking in 3-4 meters of deep snow in the winter... NOT a good idea!                                                                                                                    
So kiddos; you will soon get a new experience in life. In case you need it: Good Luck!
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