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september 2014

Just a ritual...

Doesn't this just look like dancing? Power, elegancy, beauty, form, ritual and even grace! Two proud, wild, instinktively determined male muskoxen trying to convince all other around that "I am the greatest!". Survival of the fattest!
But believe it or not; you don't get any impression of aggression when two giants like my big friends here measure their muscles. Just an ancient whish of finding the most suitable leaders...and the genetic best fathers! When they hit it is really powerfull! A genuine carcrash!
But they are constructed to do so. With huge muscles, and a forehead like a rock!
(Photo: Terje Rian)
But then...after finding out which males are going to lead the genes into the future, or at least the next season, everything is back to normal. Peace and quiet in the mountains...
And eight months later the calves are born!


Automn... Unbelievable colours, just caused by Mother nature preparing to survive "l'inverno", the Winter.
Theese small herbs are red, and then I mean RED. They match with all other colours in Dovrefjell; orange, green, yellow, brown. A firework!
But just for a short time. In some weeks the white, brutal, beautifull blanket covers my Mountains.
Skiing is quite fun, but the muskoxen hate snow. Understandable if you are 4-500 kg, trying to transport yourself in 3-4 meters loose snow!
(Photo: Terje Rian)
So we find my big friends on the highest parts in the mountains, where the snow has blown off, that is on places where no living creature should stay. Where it is Cold, dark, windy.... Waiting for better days. A New summer!

Longing for cold days...

Some of us are longin for the winter!
Really..?. What is so nice about snow, wind, short days, and lots and lots of freezing cold degrees?
But I'm no alaskan husky, just a human beeing. Used to warm clothes, fireplace, food and coffee addiction!
For this hairy fellow, running around in those cold degrees is the best in the world!
The summer has from time to time been a nightmare for a dog with black fur! Warm, sunny, no wind. Suffocating!
But in some weeks...white paradise! Or for his two legged family member maybe closer to an inferno?
(Photo: Terje Rian)
Dogs obviously have other meanings when it comes to weather, in particular husky-boys! And I must admit; seeing him running around in the white, cold, beautiful wintersnow makes even ME hate the Winter a little less...


Relax Terje! Yes, yes. ok I will! After all you are undisputable right! Summer is over, fall is here, and in some weeks, a new winter...
Let's hope we are all prepared. The muskoxen, the reindeer, the rest of the world, me...
I have had an unforgetable, happy, crazy, warm etc summer. With you!
And to quote Freddy Mercury; I thank you all!
I hope I have done my best for you, so you still dream of sleepy, nice moments in Dovrefjell. Some short hours where time doesn't exist. no stress, fresh air, sun, rain... LIFE!
(Photo: Terje Rian)
You are welcome back. To have lunch with the 500 kg sheep. The hairy animal with wisdom beyond human understanding, with the timeless, stressless, mysterious, deep rationality you just find among creatures which have developed genetic wisdom for thousands of years, since the mamuts were walking on our earth. And we were not even here!
Arrogancy is a word constructed by man, and can ony be used describing people.
"Stupid animal"? "Stupid People"?

Meet my Daddy and Mammy

Hello everybody!
Automn, and later on WINTER...
But I have my Mammy and Daddy to take care of me through the cold and snowy time of the year!
Food? Not really...very little to eat for my parents. But I know...blush!
Why not come and visit us in the Winter? I'm here, and so is my Family...and others.
In the summer we have SOOO many visitors! Very often we leave. We walk far into the National Park, where you can't find us!
(Photo: Terje Rian)
But in the automn and winter we are easy to visit. And we are there for you. Wanna come and visit us?
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