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april 2014

The snow is GONE!

This is lichen, a funny form of life. Partly mushroom, partly alga. Not a plant, not an animal. I love them! They confuse the scientists, because they are unpredictable, they do not fit in their "drawers", they belong to their own kind of group.
The one on the picture indicates places, stones that are not snow covered in the winter. A kind of opposite indicator; they tell us something about snow...because they can't stand snow!
The most funny lichen species feed only from rainwater. If we have polluted rainwater they will die. It pleases me to have found lichen in the middel of Trondheim, the third biggest town in Norway. Maybe we really still have acceptable air quality in our country? The lichen says so. Thank you for this valuable information!
...and even more; in my paradise the lichen is numerous! Both in species and in individuals. Dear lichen; stay with us! Tell us everything is ok with the air we breath in! And if you like; go on confusing and irritating the scientists! Maybe we one day realize that nature has it's own way, no matter what WE want...

Fortsatt mye plass i vårt Motell!

Fortsatt mye plass ledig i vårt motell til påske!
Still room in our motel for eastern:

...for gode tilbud
...for great offers

Finally! Or..?.

They say a lot of things about Norwegians; we are born with a pair of skis on our feet, we love snow, cold climate, WINTER... 
I do really not know. I'm half German, maybe that's why? Sorry, I'm a little cryptic now. And maybe embarrassed... What I want to say...or TRY to say is that I am Norwegian in October, but I definitely do NOT like snow, winter, cold at THIS time of the year! "I choose April" as the Norwegian classic author Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson wrote...
Don't hate me, but I love longer days, warmer days, more colorfull days... And NO SNOW!
Try visiting us in mid May one year. This year maybe? Then you can experience the beautiful anemone Pulsatilla vernalis at it's most unbelievable, see muskox, and participate on our National Day on the 17th of May. Crazy, just crazy! But nice and friendly! Did you know we have our 100 year anniversary for our constitution this year? You WILL come? We have a deal?
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