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mars 2014

Hello down there!

Hello you down there!

It is the 6th of March. It feels "springy"; hardly any snow at all. Mild, promising winds.
Why do muskox avoid snow? Well, imagine a 4-500 kg animal in 2-3 meters of loose snow, and you will understand!
Now the snow problem is nearly gone. They can walk their big, beautiful bodys wherever they feel like it. And the muskox ladies...
In may-June new life is born in Dovrefjell. Muskox calves, all kinds of birds, other animal babies... Wonder of life!
In the spring you also see the cyclus of plant lives. Pressing their soft, fragile "bodies" through earth and dead plants from last year. "Off course it hurts when buds are breaking!". In the wilderness. In the human world. But the result is very often a beautifull flower!

The contrasts

A lot of my guest write me mails and ask me "what to take with them" when they visit Norway? The answer is easy; everything! Bathing suit, winterjacket, shorts, sweathers...This is the land of contrasts!
When you see the beautifull Galanthus nivalis, or common snowdrop popping up on the west coast of Norway, the snow starts leaving up here. It seems that when it is June in Molde or Ålesund it is about April here!
But we love it! And the light! Just look at the picture! Evening light on a snowy four o-clock in the afternoon!
Now we just kickstarted March. The sun goes down around 18.00 o'clock. Nice improvement! Nearly an ordinary day! But in two-three months the sun still shines at eleven night! As I said; the land of contrasts!

Life is a gift!

Winter is leaving us... A beautiful, but rough and lifekilling time. We still have at least 300 muskoxen here. But not all of them we visited last year.
Death is a part of life. We should respect death.And life also.
People think they can disrespect their body. Their mind. Thir friends and family. Their environments. No good. You only have one life. One chance!
Make it worth living! Easily said (and you have heard it before); don't do anything harmfull with your life, with your body and mind, with your "folks", with the environment... Actions that you later regret. Drugs, alcohol, pollution, damage, negligence...  Let life be a joy! It realy is a gift dear readers... Give life a chance...

Just kids...

Just kids...

Ritual fights are for daddys! In August or September. But young teenboys in the muskox world are like in the human world. Who's the toughest? The strongest? So in the winter I have from time to time found younger male muskoxen by the sound of them fighting. In the winter. And snow. Even calves younger than a year try to show the rest how great they are! Adults close by ignor this youth enthousiasm. Kids...just kids...
Photo: Dieter Anseeuw

Here we go again...

Yep! Traditions! Norwegian traditions! They say that we are born with skis on our feet. Unfortunatly not all of us. Younger people have often other interests. Positive and negative. But just look at this picture! Temptating! Great! Unbelievable beautifull! Especially if you walk into it...on ski!

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