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oktober 2013


Do you know the MAIN problem for Norwegian nature and wilderness during the Winter? Cold? Snow? Darkness? Little to eat? No, not really... The worst thing is the lack of WATER.
In the darkest time of the year, Norway is a desert. The water is there, but frozen. Out of Reach. For plants, and for animals.
The only plants still showing some activity, are those which have developed lives comparable to the plants you
(Foto: Ivar G. Sekkenes, guide Mountain Experience)
find in a desert. Pine, juniperus, fur.. They are in fact succulent plants. Like cactuses.
They even sting you when you get to close! Auch!!
All other organisms have unbelievable adjustments to lives in our very special country. Some fly to warmer areas. For some months. Some find comfort, food, friends and water at a "restaurant", a pond, the shore, or small rivers which the mercyless cold degrees haven't managed to shut down. Yet.
Some hibernate. Just NOT to believe! A hibernating hedge hog has a body temperature of 7-8 degrees Celcius, breathes every second MINUTE, has a heart frequency of 12-14! For months!
Don't judge me, but MY way of surviving the vinter is like other soft two-legs; fireplace, a nice meal and a WARM cup of coffee...

Time to rest...

Finally; alone again. Or nearly alone... Terje is still here, but he doesn't bother me.
I have had visitors every day now. For weeks. For months!
And I have been fighting, made love, eating...
I'm tired, I'm longing for peace and quiet...but I am also a little proud. People have been traveling long distances to visit us. To look at us.
Or was it US looking at YOU? We really watched a lot of funny people this summer...
Anyway; hope we made your travel unforgettable! Guess you are welcome back next year. Just give us some snowy, cold wintermonths to rest first.
When June comes we may even manage to look forward to see you all here again!
Thank you for coming, and for some months; thank you for leaving again. Not to be rude, and no offence. But we live here. Dovrefjell is our home. It feels good for a while to be alone in our own livingroom....
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