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januar 2013

Happy husky!

Happy Alaskan Husky!
They call me "Moskus-Terje", or in English; "Muskox-Terje"... But believe me; muskoxen are just a part of my life.
This one year old Alaskan Husky is one of my colleagues! Our mascot!
And we love him! As I love nature, reindeer, fox, wolverine, moose, birds, flowers - and muskox!
They all have their place - and their job. Like this dog. He takes care of us - or at least THINKS he does - he makes us laugh, makes us wonder... He is just GREAT!
When you come to visit us, try to see human, nature, animal life, plant life as ONE. Learn from it, and say hello to our Alaskan Husky. As a part of it. THEN join me on a muskox safari!
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