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mars 2012

Happy children?

Happy children!

Would YOU have placed your child on a Norwegian mountain hill, 20 degrees below zero, no food, windy....
Probably not.
But theese five beauties seemed content. Happy actually. And they are all younger than one year, born May or June last year! But of course; they have the second warmest wool in nature (number two after the alpacca), and they have parents and relatives to act as wind shields when it is TOO bad.
The picture is taken last winter. At the end of January...
Freezing! But also a mighty, POSITIVE experience! No wonder I am "sold" to Sunndalsfjella and Dovrefjell National Park. To the mountains...and the musk ox.
Join me! Its March! Spring! And very soon SUMMER!
I promise you a day you will carry in your heart for the rest of your life...or untill the next time you have lunch with the largest sheep in the world...
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