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januar 2012

Welcome to our restaurant!

Welcome to our restaurant!

It is a common misunderstanding that the low temperature is the main problem during Norwegian winter. Belive me; it is NOT!
The creatures, which you can find outside now... In 25
degrees below zero, in our stormy, snowy and BEAUTIFUL inferno...  Nope! They do definitely not fear temperature!

WATER! That's the real problem!

What do you call a place, where all water is frozen, not one fluent drop is to be found?
Yup, that's correct; you call it a desert! And another two-three months Norway is a desert! No water,
and the only green plants you see here, are those who have the same caracteristica as cactus; pine trees, fur trees, juniperus etc.
In our cold, dry desert I found theese two friends. They are swans (Cygnus cygnus), and in their breeding season they usually stay further north. Inner Finmark, even Sibir.
Now they are here, in Fokstumyra Nature Reservation. Because we could present for them a restaurant. Open water, food...

It's a beginning...

It's a beginning....

Today the sun rises at 09.45 and we will probably have
a winterly, and colorfull sunset at 15.28. I just checked with the calendar!

Not really a revolution; the spring developes more like
an EVOLUTION...slowly, no rush, just to keep tiny, eager
muskox guides waiting....

But it IS a beginning! Half an hour more daylight now.
In comparism with some days ago. Very soon Norwegians find they have enough daylight for skiing
in the mountains!
Some Belgian tourists have already joined me on a safari. Four nice muskox ladies joined us for
a VERY quick lunch in 24 very cold degrees! And around 500 reindeer near the horizon. Messing around, as if the temperature was ok. Belive me; it wasn't. Only if you are a reindeer. Or a muskox. I'm not!
But enough complaining! I LOVE my work! I really do. I experience the CONTRASTS in nature, in climate and weather, in LIFE itself! When I write as if I pity myself, it is to let you know the real feeling of it.
But I have warm clothes, the sun is sparkling, and I know that weather, climate, EVERYTHING changes withein minutes! Or hours! or days, weeks...
Join me in the land of contrasts! But make sure you bring clothes and equipment for...every type of weather, landscape, nature conditions. I can promise you the most varied holiday you've ever experienced!

Hard times...

Half a ton, but no food...
There are five ways of surviving Norwegian winter:
- You can run (or fly) to a warmer place
- You can find a restaurant (open water)
- You can hibernate
- Take a real LONG nap
- ...or bussiness as normal (like the moose does)
When a hedgehog or a bat hibernate, they turn themselves nearly dead! A hibernating hedgehog has
a pulse 12-14 beats pr minute, a body temperature
in the heart around 7-8 degrees, it breathes every
second minute, and you can't wake it up! Just unbelievable!
The bear and the badger sleep. Ordinary. No body temperature fall, normal pulse and breath.
Some scientists tried to find out some years ago. They crawled into a bears cave in the winter to measure his body temperature. When the thermometer reached 36 degrees celcius, the bear woke up, and they immedeatly learned three things:
- the bear had normal temperature, so it was NOT hibernating
- the bear woke up. Another evicence for NORMAL sleep
- this was a VERY stupid thing to do! They nearly died....
The musk ox does about like the bear and the badger, they just don't sleep. They find a blown off, windy, cold, in-human place where they can place their 4-500 kg bodies safely. Then they wait...and wait... They loose as much as 40 % of their body weight in a hard winter. That is about my weight times three!
But they survive. They have the second warmest (next after alpacca) wool nature has created! With a quality better than kashmir!
But what about all those cold degrees? On my last safari yesterday we experienced 24 of them.
And the winter is still not over....

I just can't help it....

I just can't help it...
First of all;
It is the 1st of January you may know.
And the winter has put it's cold, snowy clow around
my part of our world. Short days, early evenings,
long nights! And freezing cold!
But on New Years Eve my colleague and I prepared our New Years dinner. At 16.00 o'clock. And it was still possible to see things outside our window.
I like it! The day really had decided to stay for some minutes extra! That does something with your mind. At least with MY mind. It makes my mornings smile a LITTLE broader! And my days...
I know myself. Now I'll put my nose between all the cold degrees every coming morning to
see if I can hear, smell or in other ways sense the first signs of spring around our little motel in Dombås. Birds like the great tit. Signs telling me the trees are waking up. Musk ox calves. longer days.....
Winter is great. Beautifull! Just look at the pic i present for you today!
But I hope you understand. And forgive. I long for warm days now, bright evenings, sun and warmth...
By the does a cold degree look like?
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