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desember 2011

The sun is here!

We write the 30th of December. It's dark
Outside my window. And then I mean DARK...
And snowy. And windy. And...
Well, enough of my grumping. But take a look
on internett! News! Norway!
We had a visitor the last days. A storm called
"Dagmar". She was really a powerfull lady!
Large parts of the costal areas i southern Norway have
lost all electricity. And from lot of places you have
noe guaranty for a yearly New Years greating on
sms! The cellphones don't work! Or other telephones!
But the sun is here.
Some seconds longer today than yesterday...and tomorrow even more present...and the next day...
Und so witer, und so weiter (sorry, that was my German part speaking...).
Start planning your holidays people! If you don't like snow, darkness, freezing conditions on
your holidays I ensure you; it is only temporarely!

Peace, quiet, Christmas Day..

Christmas Day in Fokstua... For some of my readers.
For all of us a beautifull farm! 900 meters
above sea level. Hotel sices early 12oo.
One of the historic service places dating
back to King Olav Haraldson, or St.Olav!
Administration "headquarter" and home of
the park ranger who takes care of the
oldest nature protection area in Norway!
Protected since 1923, nature reservation
since 1969! Fokstumyra is the name,
In the summer you need wings to be
welcome here. You need to be a bird, a mosquito, an angel... Or a moose...
But it's unique! Beautifull! Rare! A safe place where birds can have nests. And the
moose can feed and have nice days.
Join me on a moose safari next summer! Meet those big, scared, elegant animals!


SNOW! nice, or..?.
Found this beautifull young lady
in Tverrfjellet (mountain in our
National Park) two days ago. picture
is taken by Øyvind Sandbuløkken,
a young, very promising and local
nature photographer
It was one of those unbelievable, sharp,
sparkling, cold days. A small everyday
adventure for people who manage to cross the door-step, for suffering and freezing in
a cold, Norwegian mountain landscape. You should try it. Once in your life.
Or actually; IF you visit theese creatures in our mountains, it's not likely to be your
only visit! A blog visitor wrote to me: "Snøhetta must be the most beautifull
place on earth!". I agree! It is! As the other places nearby this magnificent
Hope to see you here in the cold part of the year once. There are no such thing as cold
weather; only bad clothing! No excuse! See you here next year? On a winter

Dark side of

I can feel it! Just FEEL IT!
It is going to be spring and long days filled
with light and warmth; next year also!
Trust me; I know! I can feel it! Even though the
days are at their shortest now, the sun "turns"
around Christmas, and days will be longer...
and longer... and longer..
Yesterday I was in the mountains with one of
my "regulars", Øyvind. Twenty degrees below
zero! Sparking sun, crystal snow! 20 - 30 muskoxen, partly covered with snow, calm, curious,peaceful and just beautiful!
Like any other frozen Norwegian, of course I want summer, sun and warm days. But even
now, when days last from around 10.00 in the morning untill 15.00 in the afternoon I find
beauty, experiences, and fourlegged friends which seem to kind of have nice days!
Øyvind takes respectfully their picture. They are posing. Or we THINK they are posing.
I guess the truth is that they just don't care! A little curious maybe. Wondering who those funny,
tiny creatures are?
And the sun is shining. Brilliant, sparkling but COLD.
All the same; it is December. Soon January... And February, March... Soon spring, and SUMMER!
I can feel it! JUST feel it!
Five young friends. Born last spring.


It is COLD..!.
I woke up one was 23 degrees
below zero. And COLD!
But the mountains are beautiful; sparkling, silent,
Snøhetta again...sorry! But this mountain is just
SOOOO breathtaking! 2286 meters above a freezing
sea! Majestetic! A CATHEDRAL!
Last winter I drove over Dovrefjell National Park.
It was below 30 degrees. It was HEAVENLY...
and dangerous! if you do not know what you're doing..
I phoned a friend. I was excited! "If I die now, the
last picture in my eyes is the most beautifull and
brutally merciless place on earth!"
But I have warm coffee, warm clothes. And I KNOW
that mye beautiful mountains also are unbelievable
variable! And I only a short time we will
have sunny, warm, sleepy, summerly days.
Days in the mountains, and nice people in t-shirts and shorts visiting my cathedral...
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