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november 2011

SNOW! - finally!

Well known setting from last summer:
Guests lunching on a muskox safari. Dressed in shorts,
t-shirt... A peacefull muskox family 200 meters away!
Also lunching... twenty degrees, sun, silent, warm...
I tell stories from the mountains, curious tourists ask
questions: " Is it cold here in the winter?"
Yes, it is cold. From time to time. Or quite often.
But it is always worse before the "white blanket", the
snow covers my dear mountains. More and more... Some
places more meters, other places no snow at all! The wind equalizes the landscape; it is nearly flat in some areas!
On the worst, windy, cold but snow free areas you find the muskox. Resting. Waiting...
And under the snow there is more, hidden life. Twenty cold degrees on the surface, zero degrees under the snow! Survival for small, warm bloded animals, like mice and tiny predators. Survival for insects and spiders. Survival for plantlife...
Without this "white blanket" I would probably not have had much to show you when you join me in the
mountains in July!
And it is beautifull! SO beautifull!..!.  Cold, fresh air, sparkling, brilliant white snow. And low SUN..!.

HUGE sheep!

Have you ever seen a sheep footprint?
They look like the ones on the picture, just a little smaller!
Or...MUCH smaller!
The tracks you can see here are from a smaller muskox (!).
They can be much bigger!
And they can climb, run, jump, turn. And RUN more
than 60 km/hour! If you've ever seen a 500 kg muskox run...
You will NEVER EVER think it's a cow again!
A muskox calf even sound like a baby lamb. Maybe a little
But don't be afraid. They are peacefull, rational creatures. Why should they attack people?
The really have more important things to do! If you manage to get a muskox attack you, you have
either been very unfortunate, or very stupid! Usually the last reason...
Respect them! YOU are the visitor. And when we visit someone, we behave! Don't we?
Let me take you to them. They are really amazing! And reasonable. And nice.
But H-U-G-E!

Open 365 days...but a little lonely...

This picture is from LAST winter, but we have snow.
But we are still here. We always are! For you...
And all nice people who need a warm place to sleep
when they pass Dombås.
Our small village in Dovrefjell. 650 meters above
sea level, 1400 inhabitants, surrounded by wildlife,
easy access to many of our national parks, with
alpine- and cross country skiing possibilities....but it
is silent.
A little lonely, but in four weeks we have Christmas.
And the "sun turns"!
When do we see you here? Now, when you have most of the Norwegian nature for yourself, and you
Or maybe when our small world "explodes", and our region is "invaded" by nice people from
most of the world?
Whenever you come you are SO welcome to us...but we are a little lonely now. Will you come
come and keep us company?

Hard times for our friends...

(Foto: Niels Koyman)
When you sit by your fireplace, with a nice cup of coffee, a good book, pictures from your last holiday in Norway... Send a warm blessing to theese two beauties. The one to the left in the pic is younger than two years old!
Dovrefjell is a beautifull place to be...but not EVERY day!
In 2006 a bus blew off the road here! When busses start blowing off the road I prefer being one of those week, pale, tender creatures who prefer staying inside a warm, nice house with a cup of tea and a good book or a film!
Send warm thoughts to our friends in dark winter days. They have a hard life. Wind, lots of cold degrees, dark, hardly food for a huge body. A musk ox can loose as much as 40% of it's body weight in a hard winter!
But... hard periods always change to nice winter days! Visiting theese charming, mysterious and proud but friendly animals on a great winter day is someting you never forget!
So very welcome, be my guests! We have the contrasts; warm, human rooms with coffee, and also cool, calm, snowy, frozen...but NICE experiences in Dovrefjell!
(Foto: Niels Koyman)

Silent...SOOO silent...

Do you REALLY want to experience peace in mind, beauty, silence...?..
NOW is the time..
Why do people hardly visit our country in the winter?
Yes, I know; you have children in school, work, things to do...
But what if you manage to "push things aside", think differently....
I guided a French guest in the mountains a while ago. We stood on a hill and studied Europe Road 6 (E6) and the main railroad through the magnificent mountainous landskape. I told him that E6 was one of the two main roads between the capitol of Norway, Oslo and Trondheim, the third biggest town in Norway. And the main railroad between the same towns... We saw one car and no twenty minutes! "Maybe we should put up a tent on E6? " my guest suggested. "I don't think it would be dangerous..."!
Norway is 2500 km long. We have less than five million inhabitants. Sunndal and Dovrefjell Nationalpark is 1693 square km pure nature! If you were here now, you could probably spend a day here without meeting one single person!
Expensive? Maybe, but not as expensive as in the summer season.
Very welcome to Dovrefjell. By WINTER!
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