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mai 2011

Charming, small, nervous and numerous LEMMINGS!

Dovrefjell and Sunndal National Park is a balanced, quiet, peacefull place...most of the time. But some years we have an invation. Lemmings! Yellow, energic, mysterious and charming small mammals. Yellow, black, white and beautifull!
Why there some years are so unbelievable many of them, is a theme for discussion among the ones that should know. The animals yell at you, run away from you, get overrun by cars on the streets, they fill water reservoirs.
And predators won't eat them! Scientist have found that they taste disgusting.
But predators follow their instincts - and kill them.
And the musk ox? The other animals? The plants? Off course; they are still there! For us to watch and love!
So enjoy the spring in the mountains. The returning flowers, the birds, the animals, the hope for a nice summer...and the LEMMINGS!
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