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februar 2011

Small is beautiful...!..

Look down...and enjoy...
Vakkert, frossent, smått og standhaftig. Snart er det vår!
Life is fragile... Or is it? Theese grass plants stil amaze with their beauty. And in a way I get the feeling they tease me; Who are you with your fancy, red car? Your warm clothes, your cellphone? Stupid human! Look! And learn.....
How much do you need to be content? What is really life about? Both me and my German guest kneeled to take pictures of theese small, stubborn signs of life. Not much, but they remined me that there once was a summer...and that summer will be some weeks. In the mean time; I'll enjoy my mountains as they present themselves NOW. Cold, white, beautifull...and with promises of a spring. And a summer...

Norway...winter wonderland!

Freezing....and BEAUTIFUL!
13th of February. Dombås Motell, 0800 o'clock in thye morning, 20 degrees Celsius below zero!
It is sunday the 13th in Dombås, around 20 degrees below zero...and COLD!
But SO beautiful! Not a cloud on the sky, absolutely no wind, and silent...
Today we will gather in the reseption, Hege, Rick and myself. Nice cup of tea, friendly chat, keep the cold degrees outside the window.
How come that tourists mainly visit this country in the summer? Ok, I admit you suffer a little in 20 degrees cold, but the beauty of it.... The snow sparkling, the blue'ish light, low, cold, clear sun...just MAGNIFICENT!
Moskussafari 070111 in Dovrefjell and Sunndal National Park (1693 square km).
Have a nice weekend all of you!

New blog! ...and NEW motel!

Dombås Motell in the winter, on a cold day!
About time I present our motel....
We have moved into one of the REALLy
established motels in the area;
Our rooms are quite big, well equipped with bed linen/towels, kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet. Every room has it's own balcony and entrance!
Soooo...  Why not make a HEALTHY  STAY  in our region? Nice and quiet, 650 meters above sea level, a musk ox safari or a moose safari with one of our hand picked guides?
Or just a nice, guided walk in one of our national parks or nature reservations?
Just mail us, or phone us! No fancy, coloured, sparkling stuff - just a nice, relaxing stay in a Norwegian village in the mountains.....
See ya!
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