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Alaskan husky...a dog. Or partly wolf?

Isn't he just beautyfull! A genuin alaskan husky! Kind, good looking, stubborn and wild! And also his own master...

I let him out yesterday evening. know. Toillet things. So we could go to bed. 
And then he was gone! Eleven o'clock evening. Dark.
What is to do about that? Shout, to tell him I wanted him to come back? So I could go to sleep? After one hour he stood outside my door. A little ashamed. Hungry. Tired. 
I let him in. A little offended. Frustrated. But also relieved. My friend was back again. And I was reminded of the little difference between an alaskan husky and other dogs... 

Dear deer, and dear Neighbour; don't die!

Say "hello" to my neighbour! One of the fourlegged. I have twelve of theese, two ordinary deer, a moose with a calf, foxes, owls and a woodpecker. Nice, peacefull individuals.
Inge is my only twolegged neighbour. Peacefull and nice he also!

Typical Norwegian fauna, is BIG and round animals. Short legs and tails, short snouts and ears. A shape like a ball, a big ball, ist much better for surviving winter conditions in Norway.

A roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) is a longlegget, thin, rather small mammal. The smallest in this family.
(Photo: Terje Rian 2017)

 And beleive me; they struggle! Lots and lots of theese small creatures die every winter. Nature is merciless. Beautyfull, but brutal....

Food! MORE food!

Eating, eating and eating...

The three most important things to do for a muskox during our relatively short summer in Norway. Their food consists of leaves, grass, mushrooms. Stuff like that.

So what do they eat in the winter? The grass, or what's left of it, is covered With snow. The trees have lost their dry leaves. No mushrooms off course. So they eat...nothing. Or close to nothing. A muskox can loose up to 40 % of its bodyweight during a winter.

(Photo: Terje Rian -17)

If it had been me, I would have been around 35 kilos in april...
During the summer they eat...and eat...and eat! Untill they have gained 15 cm fat under their skin! Their food supplies for the winter....

På NORSK...(For Norwegian mountain-lovers mailnly...)

Today I have to adress NORWEGIAN mountain lovers. Pleas bear over with me...

Da er det snart påske. Fortsatt god plass på motellet. Mange tror ikke fjellet kan brukes til noe annet enn ski, ski og ski i påska.
Vi har andre forslag: Moskussafari, eller fotturer i Dovrefjell!
Hos oss kan du få guidet tur (Spør om hva en overnatting eller fler, med moskussafari inkludert koster hos oss på Dombås Motell. Ring 45671995).
Vi er ikke mer "knipne" enn at vi gir deg gode råd om du vil gå alene også! Ring oss på 45671995 for Midtnorges kanskje rimeligste påskeferie da! Eller for et tilbud på moskussafari! Alle rommene våre leveres med sengetøy og håndduker, og du har dusj/wc og et lite kjøkken på rommet. Egen inngang med en liten terasse.Gangavstand til sentrum.

(Foto begge bilder: Vår nye resepsjonsansvarlige Stig-Are Karlsen Olsen)

Alle våre rom leveres med sengetøy/håndduker. Dusj/wc og et lite kjøkken på rommet. Egen inngang med en liten terasse

Where have all the...muskoxen...gone?

Me and my good friend and colleague Hallvard Fjeldsetnes discuss, calculate and observe every day now. Where are the muskoxen? Usually our hairy half ton friends are to be seen quite close to roads, and not too high up at this time of the year. Why? Because the need to hide a little, just under the three limit to give birth to new life.

That goes for the ladies off course. The guys form bachelor groups, or walk around alone, feeding from grass which is possible to find now. In the spring. When the snow has vanished - or as good as vanished!

(Photo: Terje Rian)

If you should visit Norway and Dovrefjell in May - June please keep LONG distance to the muskoxen. Double or tripple it! The mothers and the newborn calves need peace, quiet and don't need visitors. Ok?
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