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Summer! Summer! Summer!

Just fan-freaking-tastic! After months with snow, darkness and temperatures below 30 degrees minus a friend of mine sent me this beautiful picture! Taken now! Flowers! Warmth! Hope!
Now Norway is probably one of the most surprising, varied countries in Europe.
In "lower" places you have green grass, flowers, no snow. Up here,  average 1000 meters above sea level, it is like April-March. Ice on the lakes, snowfields, hardly leaves on the trees.

(Photo: Rick Lennart Klausen May 2018)

But it is improving. From my point of view. Yesterday we had more than 20 degrees warmth. Even here!
Every season has it charm they say. Well, King Winter has kind of lost his charm in MY eyes - for a while...

Snow on our playground...

I worked as a teacher a lot of years. Once there was a free moment in the schoolyard. Noone had given the kids footballs. After all; it was 25 degrees celcius below zero, and deep snow... Five minutes later, an indignated group of ten year-olds: "Where is the football?!"....

So... Theese kids don't play football. But they play. 
Five kids playing on a frozen, snowcovered playground!

Big...but small...

50 kilo? 100 kilo? Hard to tell. Theese two younger animals may be big in weight, but they are both children. Standing on stony ground in Dovrefjell. Winter. Kold. Short days. Very little; hardly anything to eat...

But most of them will survive. Visit us here in Norway, when the temperatures fall below 20 degrees Celcius. When days have only a few hours with light. When everything is covered with snow and ice. Visit the stubborn life that survives this cold, brutal but beautifull reallity...

(Photo; Terje Rian)

Alaskan husky...a dog. Or partly wolf?

Isn't he just beautyfull! A genuin alaskan husky! Kind, good looking, stubborn and wild! And also his own master...

I let him out yesterday evening. know. Toillet things. So we could go to bed. 
And then he was gone! Eleven o'clock evening. Dark.
What is to do about that? Shout, to tell him I wanted him to come back? So I could go to sleep? After one hour he stood outside my door. A little ashamed. Hungry. Tired. 
I let him in. A little offended. Frustrated. But also relieved. My friend was back again. And I was reminded of the little difference between an alaskan husky and other dogs... 

Dear deer, and dear Neighbour; don't die!

Say "hello" to my neighbour! One of the fourlegged. I have twelve of theese, two ordinary deer, a moose with a calf, foxes, owls and a woodpecker. Nice, peacefull individuals.
Inge is my only twolegged neighbour. Peacefull and nice he also!

Typical Norwegian fauna, is BIG and round animals. Short legs and tails, short snouts and ears. A shape like a ball, a big ball, ist much better for surviving winter conditions in Norway.

A roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) is a longlegget, thin, rather small mammal. The smallest in this family.
(Photo: Terje Rian 2017)

 And beleive me; they struggle! Lots and lots of theese small creatures die every winter. Nature is merciless. Beautyfull, but brutal....

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